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noise and vibration

noise and vibration

Pipe Support (Grip)

TICO Grip type Pipe Supports have been specifically designed to minimise vibration transmission between pipework and hanger, and also preventing corrosion between dissimilar metals. Configuration enables the pipe to be gripped and supported while accommodating small axial and torsional movements of the pipe.

Key Features

  • Pipe is fully isolated from its support to prevent electrolytic corrosion
  • Prevents clamping damage to the pipes during installation
  • Also prevents wear due to fretting
  • Reduction in the transmission of noise and vibration
  • Maintenance free and long service life
  • Easy to install

Standard Stock Sizes

For Stainless Steel Pipes

Pipe sizePart No.Size (mm)
mminchPipe O/D
12.701/2"JW 152-2121
19.003/4"JW 152-2727
25.401"JW 152-3434
31.751 1/4"JW 152-4343
38.101 1/2"JW 152-4949
50.802"JW 152-6161
76.203"JW 152-8989
101.604"JW 152-115115
152.406"JW 152-168168
203.208"JW 152-219219

For Cu/Ni pipes & O/D Stainless steel tubing

Pipe sizePart No.Size (mm)
mminchPipe O/D
12.701/2"JW 153-1621
19.003/4"JW 153-2527
25.401"JW 153-3034
31.751 1/4"JW 153-3843
38.101 1/2"JW 153-4549
50.802"JW 153-5761
63.502 1/2"JW 153-7676
76.203"JW 153-8989
101.604"JW 153-108115
152.406"JW 153-159168
203.208"JW 153-219219


The TICO Industrial Pipe Support family of products consists of Pipe Grips, Clip Strips, Clamp Blocks and Bondslips. TICO Pipe Support products perform a number of varied functions, which include:

1. Supporting and positively locating pipework over long spans.

2. Isolating the pipe from the mounting bolts and clamps to prevent fretting and corrosion.

3. Isolating dissimilar metals (e.g. between a pipe and a clamp) to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

4. Cater for movements in the pipe due to e.g. thermal expansion and contraction which might otherwise result in a build-up of stress in the pipe and potential rupture.

5. Maintaining pipe spacing of multiple pipe runs over long spans.

Two size types available with ranges based on different types of thin walled pipe:

JW 152 Series

Sizes based on stainless steel pipe outer diameters to BS3974 Part 1 1974

Rubber sleeve and pad colour coded Black

JW 153 Series

Sizes based on Cu-Ni pipe outer diameters to BS2871 Part 2

Rubber sleeve and pad colour coded Red

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